Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dealing With Your Emotions

An Alzheimer's Disease patient behavior can drive you up the wall and cause you to react in many different ways.
You may get depressed or angry and frustrated and take your feelings out on them.
if these emotions begin to arise they need to be addressed quickly if not your loved one can begin to react negatively to you and begin to display aggressive behavior.

Depressed people often times have a strong need to be dependent but remember your loved one is depending on you the caregiver.

Depression brings on hopelessness and as a result you lack enthusiasm and sometimes have little energy for doing even the simple things.

Depression also brings on physical illness.Depression tends to suppress the body's immune system and as such you become susceptible to illness and your body is less able to fight diseases and viruses

Depression also causes you to withdraw and suffer from low self esteem,so you escape into a world of daydreams or sometimes you feel like running away from everything.

Caregivers often get angry and frustrated when things don't seem to be working out or they are not getting support from other family members.It seems as though everything has been left upon you and you want to lash out.

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J. Ray Rice said...

Thanks for the simple tips that we don't think about when we are caring with a love one with this disease.