Tuesday, May 6, 2008


When we stop to consider what we could have done for our loved ones, we are often burdened with a sense of guilt.

There may be many things we wish we could do over.
There may have been kind words we wanted to say. Or kind deeds we wanted to do, but we always put them off.

There may have been amends we intended to make or things we wanted to set right but we never did and now its too late.

And so the feelings of guilt add to the sorrow and lost that we already feel.
Does God understands those feelings also? Of course He does
Where we have failed, God will forgive us if we ask, so ask.

After we have been forgiven we need to forgive ourselves and begin to live and love and speak as we wish we had done, make a difference now.


Donahue said...

Hi, I appriciate your dedication to help other caregivers. I too started a blog to help caregivers. If you don't mind, I want to link to your blog. There is nothing like first hand experience and you write very well too!
thanks, Donahue Vanderhider

Bob Tell said...

Hi: I just discovered your blog and am pleased to be in such good company. The "Guilt" issue is real. When my mother was still alive, a friend who had been through it told me that "no matter how much i do for her, when she dies I'll feel that I didn't do enough." He was so right.

Anyway, like "Donahue" I'm hoping to link to you blog. Let me know your wishes about this. Thanks and best wishes.