Thursday, June 12, 2008

Helping the Primary Caregiver

You can do many things to help the primary caregiver

Call on a regular basis so that the caregiver or patient does not feel abandoned and isolated like no one cares..

Provide emotional support, send or speak words of encouragement.

Provide financial assistance, providing care for an Alzheimer's patient is expensive.

Have discussions with the patients' doctor, so you know what is going on every step of the way, so you wouldn't be surprised when important decisions have to be made.

Educate yourself about the disease.You might find out that what you thought were facts were just erroneous. Know all that's happening, knowledge is the key.

Offer your services to assist the caregiver or give them a day off, so that they can have some relaxation time.. Surprise the caregiver on special occasions

Become the family historian, so you can gather pertinent information from the Alzheimer's patient before they reach the stage where their memory is no longer working properly.Don't only asks questions, record it because when that person is gone and your memory fails you, that information is gone.

Now is the time to get information on things you always wondered about in the family, if you want to have a record of your family history to pass on to the younger generation.

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