Friday, October 24, 2008

Everyday Hero

To the left of this post you will see a badge marked Yes, we care! Hero.
Its indeed a great privelege to be honored as an hero. I have been honored as an "Everyday Hero" by Wellsphere for taking the time to help and support others through my writing and personal experiences.
I want to thank Wellsphere for calling me a "Everyday Hero" and for the lives I have touched I want to say thank you for giving me that opportunity to do so.

This is an excerpt from an email I received from Wellsphere

This week, it’s all about YOU. We’re honoring you, our “Everyday Hero” with the new Yes We Care! Campaign and a new Hero badge for your blog; recognizing you on the world premiere Map of Caring; and featuring many of you in a touching video that stirred our hearts and shows the world just how much we all care.

Yes We Care! Campaign

I’m delighted to announce the official launch of the Yes, We Care! Campaign to publicly express our deep appreciation for the extraordinary efforts YOU and others like you are making to help, support and care for others. Thank you for opening your heart and mind to help others by sharing your expertise and personal experiences!

We’re proud to honor you as our “Everyday Hero”! We believe that you deserve to be recognized for taking the time to help others through your writing, and have added you to the world’s first Map of Caring. You can see yourself on the Map, by clicking

Please accept this “Everyday Hero” badge for your blog, and enjoy the recognition you deserve amongst your many readers and visitors.

Take a look at the Yes We care! Video

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